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Including fly-eye lens matrix based LED module, colour mixing optics, high definition imaging optics, distortion-free projection optics, narrow angle beam optics, laser matrix optics, IR, UV, VR/AR optics, etc.
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Toplite International Co., Ltd is a professional optical technology company registered in HongKong. Our aim is to find innovative and practical optical solutions for the challenges facing future products. Our factory is located in Panyu district, Guangzhou city.

We are good at scientific calculation, strictly follow the guidance of optical theory, and never stop thinking about new methods. We have a deep and unique understanding of imaging optics, lighting optics, laser, image recognition and other fields, from research and development to applications, accordingly design a range of innovative optics and have a large number of domestic and international patents. Therefore, our optics play an important role in a variety of professional products and equipment, serving industries such as smart wear, medical devices, security, machine vision, stage entertainment lighting, film and television lighting, museum exhibition lighting, high-end commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, automotive lighting, special equipment and so on. Toplite is not only an optical design company, but also an important supplier of high quality optics based on innovative design to customers around the world.

Excellent design concept comes from an all-round understanding of products and customer needs. The characteristics shown in any product details will not only reflect the professional quality and experience of designers, but also the spirit of teamwork in engineering, product development and production. We will always be committed to design and manufacturing with high standards, to bring customers the perfect optical experience.
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