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Including fly-eye lens matrix based LED module, colour mixing optics, high definition imaging optics, distortion-free projection optics, narrow angle beam optics, laser matrix optics, IR, UV, VR/AR optics, etc.
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Founded in 2003, Toplite optics has provided professional optical design solutions for various LED solid-state light source-based lighting needs since its inception. In 2005, a design team named LED3D was established in order to more focus on serving the optical needs of green light source lighting.

At present, the optical design of LED3D has covered the fields of optical imaging, color mixing, high-density convergence, ultra-short focus and matrix optics. Based on these excellent designs, Toplite has developed corresponding optical products for lighting fixtures applied to a varity of lighting fields such as stage, film and television shooting, museum, exhibition, projection, outdoor special, ship, automobile and aircraft, etc. With rapid development, Toplite actively explores new business fields and develops short focal length lenses for VR/AR, and UV optical lenses for industrial exposure.

Toplite provides customized optical design solutions for industry needs through comprehensive design software and skilled integration capabilities, and has a professional team to efficiently manage the project process and supply chain to ensure that customer needs are met.

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