Product Detail


Product Detail

The IMM18S-F55 is a model from a series of high-definition imaging projection lenses. It features a matted, sub-black metal housing and high-precision ground lenses with multi-layer anti-reflective coatings. The module is a precise assembly.

Key characteristics of the IMM18S-F55 lens include:

  • A fixed beam angle of 55 degrees.

  • Exceptional high resolution and high-definition imaging capabilities.

  • When used in conjunction with efficient spotlight lenses, it produces clear, sharp, uniform, and undistorted light patterns.

  • Short optical path length, making it suitable for use in compact lighting products.

Applications for the IMM18S-F55 lens include low-power, compact LED high-definition logo projectors, pattern projectors, cutting lights, and other high-end imaging lighting equipment. This lens is designed to deliver high-quality imaging and is well-suited for these specific applications.

Beam angle: 55 degrees

Iris: ≤ Φ18mm

LED: luminous surface ≤ Φ4.2mm

Light path: ≤ 62mm

Download the datasheet of IMM18S-F55