Product detail
Product Detail

IMM60 is a high definition optic imaging solution that uses Ø60mm aperture. The imaging optics part of IMM60 is providing cemented achromatic lenses with 2 diameters to choose from, they're Ø100mm and Ø140mm. Combining two or three such lenses can obtain different angle ranges and support linear zoom in any lens combination. In the IMM60 solution high power COB or other types of LED including LED module are allowed to be used with matching converging lens sets. IMM60 high definition imaging optics has the charateristics of high-resolution, uniform light spot, no color aberration(eliminate blue/yellow edge), as well as clear-sharp cut-off line, etc.

Applications suggestions: LED profile spotlight, follow spotlightgobo projector, and other professional lighting appliances with high image quality requirements.

Aperture size: Φ60mm

LED: luminous surface within Φ22mm. Small luminous surface helps get higher imaging quality.