Product Detail


Product Detail

Optical Imaging and Projection Range

Wide and constant beam angle imaging projection lens

- IMM60S-F42

IMM60S-F42 is an imaging projection lens with wide and constant beam angle. It contains several aspherical lenses, coated with multi-layer anti-reflective films, and assembled in a matte black metal shell. The beam angle of lens is 42 degrees and has the characteristics of ultra-high resolution and no distortion.

The lens is used with LED light source, and a condensing lens set is provided to gather light. Light spot projected by IMM60S-F42 is clear and sharp, the light intensity distribution is highly uniform and light path is short.

Applied to: Large and medium-sized LED high definition gobo projector, profile spotlight.

  • LED: luminous surface ≤ Φ15mm,small luminous surface helps get higher imaging quality

  • Condensing lens set: IMMDX6070X3

  • Iris/Gate/Gobo: ≤ Φ60mm

  • Beam angle: 42 degrees

  • Light path length: ≤ 175mm

  • Light path diagram:

IMMDX6970X3搭配IMM60S-F42 光路图(英)_00.png