Product detail
Product Detail

IMM60S-F42 is imaging and projection lens module with distortion-free and high definition. The optical lens module consists of a number of well-designed glass lenses which are adopting precision grinding process and high-quality AR coatings, assembled in a black matte aluminum barrel. IMM60S-F42 is usually fixed focus, has the charateristics of ultrl-high resolution, clear and sharp imaging, uniform light spot, and distortion-free. Besides, it is also short-light-path so as to be very suitable for product miniaturization.

Application suggestions:

LED gobo projector, wide angle projection, precise cutting light, can be used in the areas of outdoor, commercial place, hotel, museum, airport and exhibition hall, etc.


Projection Angle: 42 degrees

Aperture: Φ60mm


Fig1. Light path of a IMM60S-F42 based gobo projector


Fig2.   Projection1


Fig3. Projection2