Product Detail


Product Detail

IMM80 is the optical imaging lens set, one of the IMM product ranges. IMM80 lens set provides precisely cemented achromatic lenses in 2 different diameters. These lenses are made of high-grade optical glass by high-precesion grinding and polishing and coated with multi-layer anti-reflection films to ensure high imaging quality. A fixed-focus or varifocal optical imaging system can be obtained by free combinations of IMM80 lenses. So far some lens combinations with known angles have been given and customers can choose to use them directly.

The light spot projected by IMM80 lens set is highly uniform and imaging distortion can be less than 1%. Chromatic abberration is effectively eliminated also. High resolution(up to 2um pixel unit) of the IMM80 lens set allows using HD pictures to make gobo for a gobo projector and get crystal-clear projection effect.

Applied to:

Gobo projection, logo projection, image projection, profile spotlight


Shopping mall, museum, art gallery, exhibition, night scene, TV and film shooting, advertising shooting, staging lighting, etc.

Download‍ the datasheet of IMM80