Product Detail


Product Detail

The MATGOBO0760 is applied optical lens module adopting hybrid light converging technology based on optical integrator matrix and fly-eye lens matrix. Each combination that consists of fly-eye lens unit and optical integrator unit handles the rays from one LED, a MATGOBO0760 optics can converge rays from LED matrix which has 7 chips. The LED matrix can easily be high power when single LED in the matrix has high enough power. A very simple way is provided to install both MATGOBO0760 optics and its matched LED matrix to form a high-power LED module. The light shape of such LED module is firstly converging and then diverging after its focal point. When in use, a diaphragm must be used and placed at the focal point, size of diaphragm is usually same or very close to the focal point in order to shape light and keep high efficiency. Due to the function of optical integrator, the LED module has high level of color mixing performance. MATGOBO0760 is versatile optics and permits to use a lens system or secondary optics to achieve different lighting applications e.g. LED based gobo projector, follow spotlight, LED moving head bybrid, washlight, spotlight, beamlight, etc.


LED:6070 package, 4 in one, RGBW; 7070 package, 6 in one, e.g. R, G, B, Amber, Lime, Cyan, 60W

LED matrix: 7 LEDs

Available Power: ≤ 420W

Focal spot size: 22mm

Model to choose from: MATGOBO0760L

Download‍ the datasheet of MATGOBO0760