Product Detail


Product Detail

The MATGOBO190 is a converging lens module of LED matrix module, it utilizes a patented design with a multi-layer fly-eye lens matrix. It is known for its extremely high light density and brightness, making it suitable for high-intensity lighting and high-density spotlight applications in various contexts, including LED moving head lights, pattern lights, cutting lights, GOBO projection lights, follow spotlights, beam lights, and searchlights. During operation, MATGOBO190 combines with a 19 LED matrix light source to create a high-power LED matrix module. It provides dust protection, ensuring safer and more convenient maintenance and upgrades.


  • Fly-eye lens unit: 19 pcs

  • Lens aperture: Ø42mm

  • Applicable power range: 190~760W

  • Quantity of LED: 19

  • LED package required: 3030 / 3535 / 5050

  • Total Power: unit power × 19, up to 760W

  • PCB layout drawing: available upon request


  • Focal length: F, 27~57mm

  • Focal spot size: G, 4~24mm

  • Angle: 38~70°

  • Models to choose from: MATGOBO190-D10, MATGOBO190-D13, MATGOBO190-D15, MATGOBO190-D18

Download the datasheet of MATGOBO190