Product Detail


Product Detail

MATLASER250 laser module is composed of one converging lens module and one laser matrix. Its converging lens module adopts fly-eye lens matrix to gather light of laser to small focal point with high light density. MATLASER250 is good for illumination with super narrow beam angle. In one typical light path, the IMMBEAM collimatin beam lens set is used to work with MATLASER250 and obtain very narrow beam angle to 0.65 degree, and up to 27 million cd of luminous intensity. The laser light source comes from SLD Laser company of the US and has passed UL, IEC and other safety relulations certification, which means that the laser module can be used in more oocasions.

  • Product IDMATLASER250

  • Laser ArrayLaserLight SMD 1000 × 13

  • Typical Power260 W

  • Laser Luminous Flux: Up to 13000 lm

  • Lens Diameterφ70 mm

  • Irisφ3.0 mm Standard

  • Size of Converging Lens Module:80 mm × 79.5 mm × 45.8 mm

Document download: MATLASER250

MATLaser250+IMMBEAM224230 (规格书)_00.png