Product Detail


Product Detail

The MRD color-mixing optics is series of reflective color-mixing optical devices. It employs multiple mirror reflections and is specially coated for visible light which light reflectivity reaches 99%. MRD optics is used to gather and converge the light emitted by COB type color LEDs, reducing the beam angle and increasing brightness while ensuring uniform light mixing. MRD optics can be applied to various professional lighting fixtures, such as theatrical spotlight, photographic studio lights, floodlights, zoomable color-changing spotlight, profile spotlight, imaging projection lights, etc.

Model No.: MRDB60-183A / 183B


  • LED: cold-warm white, RGBW, 4 in one, 6 in one, COB, LES ≤ Φ16.6mm required

  • Aluminum alloy, black

  • Light emitting surface: Φ22mm(183A), Φ34mm(183B)

  • Beam angle FWHM(50%): 54°(183A), 50°(183B)

  • Beam angle (10%): 88°

  • Uniform color-mixing

  • Mechanical dimension: 48mm×45mm×71.5mm (183A), 48mm×45mm×72.9mm (183B)