Product Detail


Product Detail

LED Color-mixing Matrix Module


STONEHENGE is a product range of color-mixing matrix optics. It adopts a patented optical design that can converge the light emitted by each LED of the LED matrix, reduce the light emitting angle, increase light intensity and make the emitted light achieve fully mixing. A LED matrix board which consists of several to dozens of LEDs is used to match with STONEHENGE optics. LED can be white, cold-warm white, RGBW, RGBL and other colors in one. The LED matrix module based on STONEHENGE optics not only ensures a full and uniform color mixing performance, but also takes into account high efficiency, and has a narrower light emitting angle than other planar LED light source like COB. The STONEHENGE optics module becomes an ideal color-mixing solution especially when a high power LED module is required.

The STONEHENGE LED matrix module can be applied to: spotlight, profile spotlight, washlight, pattern projector, etc.


  • LED matrix: 52 LEDs, 5050 package

  • LED color: white, dual-color temperature white, RGBL, RGBW

  • Light emitting surface: 42mm × 42mm

  • Housing material: aluminum

  • Outline Dimensions:   60mm × 60mm× 40mm

  • Light emitting angle:

stonehenge 600AL光形图.png