Product Detail

Total Internal Reflection Fresnel Lens

Product Detail

The TIR Fresnel lens is a patented design lens which combines total internal reflection and Fresnel refraction technologies. It achieves optical properties of ultra-short focal length, high transmittance, efficient focusing, uniform light output, and smooth beam transitions through total internal reflection, which is a phenomenon where light is reflected back into the lens material at certain angles of incidence.

To utilize a TIR Fresnel lens, place the light source at the lens's focal point along its central axis. The positions of the light source and the lens are fixed. The beam angle will vary depending on the size of the light-emitting surface of the light source. By employing multiple light sources and lens units, high-power matrix configurations are created. The beam angles of these configurations are almost identical to those produced by individual light source-lens units.

TIR Fresnel lenses find application in a wide range of lighting solutions, including but not limited to area lighting, floodlights, stadium lights, exhibition lights, audience lights, spotlighting, downlights, industrial and mining lights, beam lights, outdoor searchlights, flashlights, wilderness searchlights, flashlights, marine searchlights.


Models: Peggy, Kullen and Kullen-glass

Download the datasheets of TIR Fresnel lens here, Peggy and Kullen, Kullen-Glass.

See how the TIR fresnel lens works in this video, click here.