Product Detail

V2 Lens

Product Detail

VR Optical Moudle Range


The V2 series optical lens is a lightweight short-focus, high-definition VR optical lens that utilizes a multi-lens optical architecture. The lenses are made of precision aspherical and high-precision ground optical glass with multiple layers of anti-reflective coating. These lenses are designed for VR (Virtual Reality) applications.

Key features and specifications of the V2 series optical lens include:

  • Compatibility with a high-resolution 0.49-inch Micro OLED display screen.

  • FOV 46°

  • Support for display screen resolutions of up to 2K.

  • When used in conjunction with dual lenses and the display screen, it offers an effective resolution equivalent to as high as 4K.

  • Adjustable focus functionality to accommodate different levels of diopter.

  • Short focal length, making VR devices thinner and lighter.

  • Minimal image distortion, resulting in a nearly imperceptible visual experience.

The V2 optical lens aims to provide an enhanced and superior wearing and visual experience for VR head-mounted display products by optimizing the optical design and various technical features.