Optical Products Catalogue

Optical Products Catalogue


In optics, we not only have deep experience, but also keep pace with the times to create better designs and products.
Condenser lens assembly of LED beam module
Match with the LED matrix having 37pcs white LEDs,
Focus light to one point that is just Φ6.5mm,
Very high light intensity density,
Used in beamlight, searchlight and moving head which request very high brightness and narrow angle.

Light Guide Rod Matrix based Optical Color-mixing System
Match with LED matrix with 6pcs OSRAM LZ7-Plus
Output angle is narrower than that of a general surface light source(e.g. COB), only 35 °
Efficient and absolute color-mixing
Used in professional lighting devices such as spotlight, profile spotlight, washlight.

Distortion-free wide angle projection lens assembly
Wide output angle, fixed focus 50 degree
Match with two condenser lenses to fit the LEDs with different luminous surfaces
LED with small luminous surface helps get higher imaging quality,
Very high resolution, and distortion-free

Condenser lens assembly of LED module integrating the color-mixing function
Match with LED module having up to 19pcs white or color LEDs, e.g. RGBW 40W, RGBW 60W, and LZ7-Plus
Focus light to an area of Φ30~30mm
High efficiency and excellent color-mixing
New LED module option for the moving head

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