Product Detail


Product Detail

Optical Imaging and Projection Range

Constant beam angle imaging projection lens


IMM55LS is an imaging projection lens range with three lenses to choose from. In the imaging light path using this IMM55LS, LED light source with large luminous surface is allowed to be used, and a condensing lens set is provided to achieve efficient focusing. The entire imaging light path can output high uniformity and low distortion light spot.

Applied to: LED high definition gobo projector, profile spotlight, etc.

Model No.
LES Φ60 mm
LES Φ22 mm is suggested, for higher optical efficiency and imaging quality
The LED matrix module can be used also in the light path
Condensing lens
IMMDX707280 lens set, Φ70, Φ72 and Φ80 mm
Φ60 mm, default Φ55 mm

Beam angle (constant)
19 degrees, default
26 degrees, default
36 degrees, default
Work mode
Move the front lens IMM55LS to focus to get clear image or spot
Up to 90%
Light path length
276 mm
248 mm
230 mm
From LED to front lens IMM55LS

Light path diagram:


A space of about 32mm length is provided on the right side of gate, in which the IMM55LS lens can be moved appropriately to focus at different throw distances until perceiving a clear enough image or spot.