Product Detail


Product Detail

LED Color-mixing Matrix Module


STONEHENGE is a product range of color-mixing matrix optics. It adopts a patented optical design that can converge the light emitted by each LED, reduce the light emitting angle, increase light intensity and make the emitted light achieve fully mixing. A LED matrix light source board which consists of several to dozens of packaged LEDs is used to match with Stonehenge optics. LED can be white, cool-warm white, RGBW, RGBL and other multi-colors in one. The LED matrix module based on Stonehenge optics not only ensures a full and uniform color mixing performance, but also takes into account high efficiency, and has a narrower light emitting angle than other planar LED light source modules, so it becomes an ideal color mixing solution, especially when a high power LED module is required.

Can be applied to: LED spotlight, profile spotlight, washlight, gobo projector, etc.

Model selection form:


LED qty


LED external packaging and colors

6070 / 7070   packaging, RGBW, RGBACL, etc


360 W

720 W

Beam angle50%

≤ 34 degrees

≤ 27 degrees

Luminous surface

29.4 mm

53.7 mm

External size

60 × 38.6 × 63   mm

80.6 × 74.6 × 63   mm