Product Upgrade: MATBEAM360

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The MATBEAM360 converging lens is compatible with SFT-12X-W of Luminus Devices after a period of optimization. LED matrix module based on MATBEAM360 lens requires 37 pcs LEDs as light source matrix. The unique and patented optic design of MATBEAM360 lens enables the light emitted by LED to efficiently converge into a light spot with a diameter of 6.5~8.5mm after passing through the MATBEAM360 lens, and the focal length is 74mm. These features make MATBEAM360 based LED matrix module very suitable for beam lighting fixtures.

We did a test in which two kinds of optics, ①IMMBEAM224230 & ②D-BEAM320, were used to colimate the light, measured the illumination of a throw distance of 10m. Light path diagrams are shown as below.

MATBEAM360+IMMBEAM224230 (英文202109)_00.png

Figure①, beam angle 1.5°


Figure②, beam angle 1°

Test result:

LED matrix module    LEDInput current
Consumption power    Luminous flux of moduleIllumination①Illumination②


OSTAR Compact projection

3.0A × 3330W21,600 lm62,000 lx80,000 lx

Luminus Devices

4.0A × 3520W31,000 lm72,000 lx100,000 lx

Light shape of MATBEAM360:


When the MATBEAM360 based LED matrix module is applied to LED movingheadbeamlight, the diameter of gobo on the gobo plate is recommended to be 6.5mm.


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MATBEA360 LED beamlight-2.JPG

MATBEAM360 LED beamlight-1.JPG